Xperia Go & Xperia Acro S – The water resistant duos

It’s an great idea that Sony has been trying to push out devices that are dust proof and water resistant. It haven’t been a good time to release dust proof and water resistant phones until now, which is the right time. The reason why is because smart phones has integrated to our lives more than we could think of. We eat while reading news on our smartphones, we browse through youtube videos while we are in the loo for the “big projects”, a little bit of reading before our sleep and so much more. It has become some sort of like a cloth, waiting for the waters and sunshines to invade them.

Thus, releasing dust proof and water resistant products haven’t been a good time until now. Plus, in Malaysia it’s probably summer all year and some rain at the end of the year, so our phones are pretty vulnerable to water and rains. Water being that we go to islands, beaches and swimming pool during the summer time, and rain being in the raining season.

For my next device upgrade, water resistant is a must. I almost dropped my phone into the toilet bowl for a few times now, its just a good idea that my phone would be ready when that day comes. Besides, don’t you find it annoying everything time you were showeing and there was that important call and then you had to wipe your face and ear clean just to be disappointed by the other party dropped the call once you’ve clean up your face for the call? With water resistant capability in my next phone, I don’t need to do that anymore and just accept the call directly.

Plus, it’s fun to make videos in the pool, capturing that fun moment should be priceless from anything else. Especially if you have kids at home.


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