What’s wrong with your 3G DiGi? (It rhymes!) – Part II

ImageOk so a little bit story on the previous post, hope I didn’t bore you, so what I am looking at here today is the problems that the 3G connection I am facing everyday now. In year 2010 when I first signed up for the iPhone plan, everything was smooth (The 3G connection). Youtube was fast, Facebook was instant, but as years gone by, the 3G network has not been working well it used to. I can’t even get the Facebook app to work at times. My guess is that DiGi is having too many data plan users sharing the same internet connection.

In Peninsula Malaysia, DiGi’s network coverage is the worst in the big 3, but in Sabah, DiGi’s coverage is comparable with Maxis’ Thus, the customer base for DiGi in Sabah is very strong. Starting from my generation, most people chose DiGi instead of Maxis, and Celcom is far away behind in the younger generations. People used to say only the rich uses Celcom, but not today, as the Xpax plan is pretty decent as well. For voice calls, RM0.28 for 5 minutes (To other network) or 10 minutes if Celcom to Celcom. And only 5 sen per SMS to other network or 1 sen per SMS for Celcom to Celcom.

Okay back to the topic for a bit, sure, the 3G connection is fast, but it’s not as stable as EDGE. Especially in the last few weeks, the DiGi 3G network has been a havoc. After confronting my friend who works for DiGi, he simply explained that it might be that DiGi has installed 4G towers in Sabah, and that the 4G LTE network is clashing with the existing 3G radio. I mean, seriously? my iPhone doesn’t support 4G network. How can it clash with the 4G network? Right?

All in all, I’d say DiGi has too many users right now that are sharing the same internet connection. It’s either they really have to upgrade the capacity of their connection or end up more users switching to Maxis or Celcom. Worse, P1 is in town, and YES is coming to town. Get ready for some intense competition!

By laksaboy

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