Laksaboy’s Life.

I’m not getting any younger anymore, now currently at 27, I still stay with my parents, and I don’t own any sorts of property. Where is my life leading to?

But one thing for sure is that I am very thankful to my girlfriend, who has been together with me for almost 10 years now, and thankful to my parents and father in heaven for giving me such a healthy body and life.

I have a daily routine of going to work, get back home, meet up with my girlfriend for a drink, and get back home. That’s my daily routine here in Sabah.

But I have a strong passion for good food. I mean, since we are going to eat, why don’t we treat our tummy better and go for the good food? That’s my philosophy but many of the people can’t afford good food and the people in Africa is struggling to get food. But what I mean good food here, isn’t meaning expensive food, cheap foods can be good food too if it’s well cooked by good chefs.

So why laksaboy this name? Ok, me and my girlfriend has been loving this particular laksa mee at a place nearby her workplace. We would go there EVERY single time whenever I have free time to look her out for lunch and on weekends, we would go there again for another meal of the delicious Laksa mee.

But weirdly, the shop was closed about 2 months ago, we went there and the shop just closed, no notice, no anything, the shop was gone! Me and my girlfriend misses that laksa so much we rant about it almost everyday. Thus, the idea of naming this blog laksaboy. Besides, the name sounds fun and catchy as Laksa is one of the most famous and must have local dish in Malaysia.

Do follow my blog on my updates on my food adventures and journey in life.


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